Beginning in 2015, The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, N.Y., Inc.  ("Foundation") began soliciting donations to its "Upon this Rock" ("UTR") capital and endowment campaign.  The UTR campaign raised funds for many purposes, including soliciting funds for making essential upgrades to classroom facilities and technology of Christ the King Seminary ("CKS"), expanding CKS's role as a center of retreat and religious celebration, and establishing an endowment fund for CKS. Unfortunately, in early 2020, CKS's Board of Trustees determined that CKS would close at the end of the 2020-2021 academic year. CKS's closure will make it impossible for the Foundation to use the UTR funds raised for CKS for their original intended purposes.  However, under New York law, when the original purposes for which funds are donated become impossible to achieve, those purposes can be modified in a manner consistent with original intent by the New York State courts. For many years, CKS provided education and formation for ordained and lay ecclesial ministers in the Diocese of Buffalo and beyond. Accordingly, the Foundation has asked the New York State Supreme Court for the County of Erie to approve a modification of the purposes of UTR funds raised for CKS so that those funds can be used to support the education and formation for ordained and lay ecclesial ministry in the Diocese of Buffalo, as determined in the discretion of the Foundation's Board.


If you have donated to UTR and would like to be heard regarding this requested modification, you may send a letter to: The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, N.Y., Inc., attention Executive Director, 795 Main Street, Buffalo, N.Y. 14203 or an email to Copies of letters or email received by the Foundation will be provided to the Court.  You may also make a formal filing in the legal proceeding entitled Matter of the Modification of Endowment Funds of The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo N.Y., Inc., Erie County Index No. 814747/2020. In order for your submission to be available for the Court's consideration, please be sure to send any letter or email, or make any filing, no later than Friday, April 9, 2021.  

An update to our community as of 3/20/2020


Fellow Members of our Local Catholic Community,

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and staff of the Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo and Upon This Rock, I want to reassure our many benefactors, grant recipients and partners that the Foundation is here for you during this unprecedented time.

Foundation Operations.  We have taken steps to assure the continuity of our operations and the safety of the Foundation team by implementing a work-from-home model.  We remain "open for business" via our normal phone numbers and email addresses and will continue to award grants, accept contributions, respond to requests, manage our invested assets and serve the needs of our Catholic community.

Current Volatile Market Conditions.  We rely on the strength of our board approved investment policy, the oversight of our investment committee and the expertise of professional investment counsel to help us navigate these challenging times.  The Foundation's primary investment is modeled for the long-term and is well diversified. We are working hard to manage short-term challenges and feel confident in our long-term investment strategy. We will continue to be mindful stewards of the resources the Catholic community has entrusted to us.


The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo remains steadfast in our commitment to our mission of sustaining the local Church for future generations through  planned giving education and endowment building efforts.


Thank you sincerely for your support, generosity and prayers.  We hold you and all who serve Christ in prayer.  Please pray for the health and safety of the people of our country and our local community in these challenging times. 


Be the Belief.

Since its formation in 1996, The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo (FRCDB) has existed as a non-profit corporation, legally distinct from the Diocese of Buffalo.  Our mission is to acquire, administer and distribute donor funds to benefit the educational needs as well as various spiritual and social services programs provided by Catholic organizations (including Catholic Charities) and ministries throughout Western New York.    

The FRCDB is committed to protecting and enhancing our donors' contributions, ensuring that their gifts directly address the needs of various agencies and ministries which provide vital programs and services throughout the WNY community.