Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

In the spirit of unity that Jesus Christ bestowed upon His Church from the beginning, I am pleased to present to you the 2014-2015 Stewardship Report for The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo.

As Catholics, we begin our profession of faith by saying, "I believe" or "We believe." This belief is our response to God, who reveals Himself to us in so many ways. It is this belief that binds us all together, the mortar that unites all of us upon the foundation of God's love and continues to build His one true Church.

The stories in this report demonstrate that so many of our faithful are consciously striving to strengthen that foundation and the unity of belief we share. 

A teen center touches the lives of vulnerable youth in the City of Buffalo and invites them to experience care in a safe place of learning. An after-school reading program helps elementary school children to strengthen their educational abilities.  A retired Catholic priest continues his service of compassion by establishing charitable annuities.  A number of Catholic parishes unite in belief to continue an evangelization program called Catholics Come Home®.

You also will read about Upon This Rock, an initiative of the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo launched in Fall of 2015. The initiative is a means to strengthen three essential pillars of our Church and our ability to carry out its mission: those we serve, those who serve, and how we serve.

All things are passing. What always will remain constant is God's love.  To our donors and volunteers, our Foundation trustees and staff, I say "thank you" for all you do to ensure we are unified in belief. Such unity is a gift from God.  May His love hold us together and continue to increase forever.


Yours sincerely in Christ,

Most Reverend Richard J. Malone
Bishop of Buffalo
Chairman, Board of Trustees