Buffalo State Newman Center

The mission of the Buffalo State College's Newman Center is to welcome all who seek spiritual growth, development, and understanding to foster a more peaceful, compassionate and just society.   Upon This Rock funds activities that help young people experience their Catholic faith in a relaxed and safe atmosphere. 

"Many of our students either hadn't gone to church or drifted away from their faith," said Fr. Patrick Zengierski, director of Campus Ministry.  "They are yearning for community so we make sure our place feels like home, complete with tablecloths and candles." 

 According to Fr. Pat, many students who come to the Newman Center have had hard lives and significant challenges.  Students are drawn to fellowship during weekly Liturgy, student-led Bible-study sessions, Thursday night Mass and suppers, and student-run retreats. 

 "Students become involved in Liturgy as lectors, musicians, and Eucharistic Ministers," Fr. Pat said. "We are training them to be active leaders in their parishes when they graduate." 

 Students also volunteer for Friends of the Night People and the Buffalo State student food pantry. Recently, they discussed the book Where Will You be Five Years from Today? and considered their purpose and meaning.

 One student shared "Everyone who has been a part of Newman truly carries Christ within them and I have seen the body of Christ formed with each person young and old.

The Newman Center is a place full of love and the presence of Christ that has truly impacted my life and many students who have passed through Buffalo State."