Committee on Grants

The Foundation's Committee on Grants facilitates and coordinates the grant making activity of the Foundation on behalf of the Board and recommends to the Board periodically Foundation Request for Proposals (RFP) and awards from Foundation funds as is prescribed by the various fund agreements.

Elizabeth (Betsy) Sullivan, Chairwoman

Laurie Brosnahan, Non Trustee

Peggy Dobmeier, Non Trustee

Christopher Glynn, Non Trustee

JoAnne Hudecki, Non Trustee

Nicole Tzetzo, Esq., Trustee

Nicholas Tzetzo, Non Trustee

Larry Montani,Trustee

James McHugh, Non Trustee

Amy Habib-Rittling, Esq., Trustee

Kellie Ulrich, Non Trustee

Lisa Wardynski, Non Trustee

Gerard Mazurkiewicz, Ex Officio

Richard Suchan, Staff