Executive Committee

The Executive Committee coordinates the work of the board and acts in its place between meetings in a manner prescribed by the by-laws and as expressly delegated by the board.

Additionally, this committee provides oversight, accountability and recommendations regarding:  Board evaluations, Board structure and functioning, candidates for Board membership, Board officers, evaluation of the Executive Director, by-laws, conflict of interest, relations and Trustees.

Most Reverend Richard J. Malone, Chairman

Gerard Mazurkiewicz, Vice-Chair

Thomas Beecher, Trustee

Michael Pratt, Trustee

Marsha Joy Sullivan, Trustee

Elizabeth (Betsy) Sullivan, Trustee

Rev. Msgr. Paul A. Litwin, Ex Officio

Rev. Msgr. David S. Slubecky, Ex Officio

Steven Timmel, Staff

Richard Suchan, CEBS & CWS ®, Staff