Finance Investment Committee

The Foundation's Finance / Investment Committee is comprised of individuals experienced in fiduciary responsibilities. The Committee meets on a quarterly basis to monitor and assess financial activity and investment performance.

The Foundation's portfolio is a component of the general portfolio of the Diocese of Buffalo and shares in its gains and losses from investment activity. It is managed by several professional independent money managers under the supervision of the Diocesan Investment Committee.

Additionally, the Committee develops and recommends how the Foundation's funds will be invested and what rate of return will be used for fund distributions; monitors the investment portfolio rate of return; sets investment objectives and meets with professional managers; and periodically reports to the Board on the portfolio's performance.

Michael Pratt, Chairman

James V. Glynn, Trustee

Charles Schneider, Trustee

John Rumschik, Trustee

Gerald T. Mazurkiewicz, Ex-Officio

Steven Timmel, Staff

Richard Suchan, Staff