Catholic Churches of Buffalo

The late 19th and early 20th century brought untold numbers of Catholic immigrants to Buffalo. Arriving on the shores, many families settled into the Buffalo area seeking new opportunities and these families built the strong and thriving Catholic community that survives today. From all walks of life and from across the world, these people traveled to Buffalo to make a new home, where worship and awe could be freely expressed and divinely sanctioned. The Catholic Churches of Buffalo offer a welcoming anchor point for new families in the Buffalo area, as well as a common thread that ties the community of Buffalo together to improve and strengthen the unique community by continuing this legacy.

Buffalo's Catholic Churches

The Catholic  community is strong in Buffalo, and supports some of the best health and educational facilities in the area. Catholic community members endeavor daily in the local science, technology and artisan communities to enrich the area and build a strong neighborhood for local families. Endowments and private donors, as well as the hard work of each of the Catholic Churches of Buffalo congregations help finance and support the outreach efforts. Each parishioner contributes their unique skills and knowledge to the Catholic community in Buffalo and creates a support network of neighbors and friends that support each other during times of need.

The Catholic Churches of Buffalo also have a long history of work in the community, from volunteer beautification programs for urban areas to scholarship programs for education. The Catholic Church supports a wide range of betterment programs to contribute to the Buffalo community is a positive manner.

The Catholic Churches of Buffalo offer a diverse and tolerant place of worship for all members of the community to come and learn more about Catholicism and worship among a community of strong and devoted followers.