Catholic Churches

The Catholic Church has a worldwide history and reputation for helping others in need, and that tradition extends to parishes in the United States as well. Today, Catholic churches in New York and beyond help to support outreach programs with their members' time, talents and resources. These outreach programs include welcoming new residents in the community, providing a safe haven for women and children in abusive relationships, feeding and offering clothes to those in need and being a support network for those who need a shoulder to cry on, a friend and/or a little hope.

Catholic education

Providing young people with a quality education that includes an emphasis on faith has always been important to the Catholic church. Area parish schools continue that tradition with more than a dozen schools for students in kindergarten through high school. Our school system boasts a 99 percent graduation rate.

Catholic churches in the community

Our churches' ability to make an impact on the community in which we live depends on all of you, not just on your bishops or your priests. It takes the unique skills and talents of every parishioner to help make lives easier and more rewarding for those around us. You're wrong if you think that you have nothing to offer. If money is scarce, consider volunteering or using your artistic, organizational or teaching talents to better our neighborhoods and extend our parish outreach.

Area Catholic churches welcome members of the community of all races and walks of life. We offer a tolerant and welcoming place of worship and faith-based communion. We invite you to come learn more about Catholicism and our worldwide (and local) community of humble followers of Christ. Worshiping with a community of fellow believers can and does make a difference--in our hearts and in our neighborhoods.