Donate to Buffalo Ministries

The Foundation of the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo  has a long history of supporting the community through effective stewardship in Buffalo. Funds donated to the Foundation of the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo provides much needed support to local parishes and schools. By donating to Buffalo ministries, local communities can help support the struggling families of their communities and provide funding to Catholic organizations in local neighborhoods. These organizations promote the vision and mission of the Church by providing meals and much needed support for the homeless, assisting struggling families with basic necessities and supporting Catholics education in underprivileged neighborhoods.

Donate to Buffalo Ministries to promote Catholic interests in local communities and surrounding counties of Western New York. By supporting the seeds of Catholicism in Western New York, the Foundation of the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo creates a stronger and broader support network. 

Buffalo Ministry Donations

One of the most important areas of funding that is derived from our donors is ongoing Catholic education. From preschool through seminary scholarships, our support of Catholic education at every step in life supports the fulfillment of faith in members of the congregation as well as individuals working towards the priesthood to offer a lifetime of service in Christ's name.

Service remains the heart of the Catholic Church and sharing the bountiful offerings bestowed upon each of us helps support others in times of need. Each of us finds our calling through our personal relationship with the church and when we donate to Buffalo ministries, it brings others into the fold and shares the promise of eternal salvation.  Happiness can be found through sharing the blessings provided and donating through the Foundation of the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo helps support Catholic ideals and beliefs.