Donate to Catholic Charities

For many families in the Western New York area struggling to pay the bills, Catholic Charities offer a helping hand. Whether families need food pantry services, assistance with job training, immigration assistance or education services, families and members who donate to Catholic Charities help support and provide needed services in and around Buffalo to those in need. Catholic Charities is one of the largest organizations in the area that provide social services regardless of ability to pay, race, religion, gender or national origin. The services offered provide life changing hope to the individuals and families we assist, which would not be possible without the generous donations of our supporters.

You Make The Difference

Individuals who donate to Catholic Charities can rest assured that their money is invested directly back into the community. Catholic Charities does not discriminate and is willing to step forward to assist anyone in the community needing emergency assistance or basic social services to provide security during difficult times. Families in Buffalo are facing greater needs and more challenges than ever before and Catholic Charities has provided assistance to more than 10,000 community members since its inception. Without the kind support of our members and other individuals, Catholic Charities could not be the calm assistance during moments of turmoil for those we assist.

How You Can Help

Take the time to donate to Catholic Charities today, whether online or over the phone, your donation will immediately be put to work providing a helping hand to families right here in the Buffalo community. Rest assured your donation provides research supported social services that provide more than just assistance, they provide a hand up for families struggling to improve their situation. We all travel in the footsteps of God, with your generous help, Catholic Charities can remain the helping hand along the journey for so many in need.