Donate to Catholic Charities in WNY

Looking to make a difference in the lives of people in need in western New York? Making a donation to Catholic Charities in WNY is one of the best and easiest ways to make that difference. Catholic Charities of Buffalo is a non-profit service affiliated with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo that seeks to bring God's love and kindness to those in need in the western New York area.

But, Catholic Charities of Buffalo can't do this alone. It needs the help and support of good people like you that see all people as their brothers and sisters, regardless of race, gender, or financial status. When you donate to Catholic Charities in WNY, your money is directed to various assistance services for those in need, including academic assistance, emergency assistance, and refugee aid. You can be certain that your donation is being used to those who need it most.

Past Success and Continuing Success

One of the most successful assistance programs of Catholic Charities of Buffalo provides financial assistance for Catholic school tuition. Since Catholic Charities of Buffalo was first formed, over $2 million has been spent to help children get educated. This translates into thousands of children receiving an education they otherwise couldn't afford. And, this education has been productive, with 99% successfully receiving a high school diploma. There is simply no greater gift you can give to a child than an education that will last a lifetime.

Donate in WNY Today

The above is just one of many examples of specific funds that Catholic Charities of Buffalo has. When you donate to Catholic Charities in WNY, no matter how much, you can designate where your money will go and who it will help. Your generosity will be appreciated in whatever way you choose to serve God's will. Contact us today for additional information about how you can help.