Donate to Catholic Education

Please donate to Catholic education and give students the opportunity to grow in their faith and intelligence in a diverse, high quality program. Catholic education provides high quality learning in every discipline including math, science, philosophy, computer sciences, and literature. While teaching students a modern curriculum is a key component, our Catholic education also ensures a child gains a solid moral grounding in the faith.

Maintaining these high levels of quality education requires available funds. These costs tend to be significant. When you donate to Catholic education, you are providing children with the ability to develop into well-rounded, faithful students capable of changing the world.

Donate to Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo

When you donate to Catholic education through the Roman Catholic Dioceses of Buffalo, your funds go to support a wide range of curriculum and faith-based teachings throughout the region. Every donated dollar counts including in areas such as:

  • Seminary preparation and services: These prepare our priests, deacons and lay ministers with the skills necessary to serve our parishes and our community. Even smaller donations to seminary training can make a marked difference in the outcome of these programs.
  • Local parishes: Donations made by you can also support our local parishes throughout the Buffalo area. These parishes provide special classes and workshops for children, adults, and seniors in a variety of ways. They would not be possible without donations from people like you.

The funds you donate to Catholic education ensures everyone within our community who wishes to learn the Word of God can do so in a faith-based, positive, and modern community. Without these financial donations, though, many of these programs would struggle to continue to provide necessary educational services throughout the Buffalo region.

Please consider your donation to the Roman Catholic Disease of Buffalo's educational funds. Change the life of another by allowing him or her to learn about Jesus.