Donate to Catholic Education Buffalo

Catholic education institutions provide an excellent source for learning math, science, literature, philosophy, and other disciplines a young person needs to do well when in college. A Catholic education also provides a forum for moral grounding in faith, which is very important to so many in an increasingly secular world.

The costs for maintaining these institutions are quite high. When you donate to Catholic education in Buffalo, you are helping to keep the amazing traditions of these schools alive. Providing funds to the Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo definitely helps keep these traditions alive.

Catholic Education of Buffalo Donations

The education does provide a clear focus on religious learning and education. Learning about the history and teachings of the Catholic faith in Buffalo is best achieved through enrollment in an institution funded by the Diocese.

There are quite a number of different educational institutions that are supported by donations.

  • The Seminary is the training ground for future priests, deacons, and lay ministers. Even a small donation to the long standing seminary in the Buffalo region would help it remain the training ground for those who represent the future of the Catholic Church in Buffalo.
  • Local parishes are supported by donations made to the Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo. Local parishes might not be thought of as educational institutions, but there is much learning that goes there in the form of special classes and workshops held for children and seniors.

Truthfully, the funds provided for a Catholic education in Buffalo can serve many purposes in numerous venues. Why not make a helpful donation today.