Donate To Catholic Foundation in Buffalo

Every year, Catholic Charities of Buffalo makes a difference in the lives of thousands of people in the western New York area. We provide meals for the hungry, ministerial services for the homeless, education for deserving children, and more. All of these good works are provided by the grace of the God and the donations from caring people like you. When you donate to Catholic Foundation, your money is used to provide charitable services to those who most need a helping hand.

Every Donation Counts

Whether you donate just a few dollars or thousands of dollars, every donation counts to the thousands of people in western New York who need a few extra blessings in their life. At Catholic Charities of Buffalo, we are proud of the work we do for those in need and of the good people like yourself who sacrifice their time and money to provide this assistance in the name of God. We know that everyone has a different financial situation, so we offer a variety of ways to give.

You can donate to Catholic Foundation in any number of ways. If you want to provide a one-time gift, you can simply write a check or give cash. Alternatively, you can sign up to give annually, helping those in need for years to come. Maybe there is a certain cause that particularly concerns you, like child education? We have regular giving opportunities where all funds go to a particular cause. Your donation to these causes are true blessing. Finally, if you want to ensure that your good works continue, potentially beyond your life span, you can set up a fund with our foundation.

Fulfilling the Mission

Our mission at Catholic Charities of Buffalo is to spread the word and good will of God to those in need. Your donation to Catholic Foundation helps us fulfill that mission to deserving people in the western New York area. If you can, please show your love of your fellow man today by helping us in this mission.