Give to Catholic Charities

The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo is one of the largest provider of human services in western New York. We provide critical and caring services for thousands of in-need New York residents every year. In order for us to provide these services we need help from generous donations of loving people who want to help their fellow man. Those who give to Catholic charities bless the lives of their neighbors who are in need of support.

Many Ways to Donate

If you are looking to give to Catholic charities, there are various different ways that your money can help others. You can simply write a check and let us decide how to best use your gift to brighten the lives of western New Yorkers in need or you can direct your donation in a more specific manner.

  • Funding for a specific school or ministry
  • Donate money to the Making a Difference Fund which provides scholarships for low income students
  • Establish an annual fund or scholarship of your own
  • Provide funding for our services that help feed the poor

Community First

We encourage everyone to give to Catholic charities whether or not they are a Catholic. Our services and programs are designed for the benefit of all western New Yorkers. We do not discriminate based on race, gender, religion, disability, or financial status. By giving to Catholic charities you are performing an act of grace. We acknowledge and respect that blessed act and would not profane it by turning away any that are in need of help.

Whether you would like to help feed the hungry, provide children with a world class education or help people find peace and love in the word of God, when you give to Catholic charities you improve the lives of your brothers and sisters in western New York.

For More Information About Giving to Catholic Charities, Please Contact Us Today.