Give to Catholic Church

Where does your money go when you give to the Catholic Church? When you make donations to the church your money goes to helping your friends and neighbors in New York who are in need of a little help. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo assists willing donors in finding a way to put their donations to work with causes they truly care about and are rooted in the Catholic faith. The Catholic Churches of New York are some of the largest supporters of a range of human services so you know when you make a donation, your gesture will be designated the way it should be.

Flexible Donation Options for Everyone

If you want to donate to charity through the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, you can do much more than just writing a check. If you choose to make a monetary donation, you can opt for the church to make designations on your behalf to many different outlets. However, you can also make donations by choosing a more specific designation on your own. You can

  • choose to fund a specific education institution
  • use the money to create a scholarship of your own
  • provide funding for help with feeding New York residents in need of nutritious meals
  • designate the money to help low-income students

Take Part in the Greater Good of Western New York

You do not have to be of the Catholic faith to take part in making a difference in western New York. Choosing to make a difference by helping people in need is an act that comes from the heart and the church will never turn you away, whether you want to help or need help yourself. By taking part, you will be helping us to make a difference in the lives who need grace and kindness. For more information about how you can help or give to Catholic Church charities, contact us today.