Give to Catholic Church in WNY

At the Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, we hear people ask the same question year in and year out: "How can I help spread Christ's love to my fellow man?"

By simply asking the question, it is clear that you are already doing that in your everyday life. But, if you are looking for more ways to share Christ's love, then please considering giving freely to the Catholic Church of western New York.

Giving Opportunities in Western New York

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo is the largest charitable provider in the western New York area. Every year, we receive millions of dollars in charitable donations, given freely by loving Catholics like you that are seeking to bless the lives of those who are in need of assistance. With the donations we receive, we are able to provide food and shelter for the needy, educational opportunities for children in poverty, and are able to maintain the excellent services of the various houses of worship and schools that we support. Beneficiaries of your donations don't just receive physical benefits, but also benefit from spiritual guidance and structure as well.

Donating to Your Local Community

Giving to the Catholic Church is easy at the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo. Obviously, we always accept cash, but we also hold various events during the year where you can donate your time and expertise, if you want to be more directly involved. And whether you are directly involved or not, you can be certain that the recipients of your gift will always be deserving individuals that live in the local western New York community. Anyone who is in need, regardless of race, religion, gender, disability, or financial status will receive the blessings of Christ that your donations have provided. As a Catholic, there is no better way to support your community.