Give to Catholic Education

A Catholic education provides a strong foundation for young people to go forth and change the world for the better. Established methods proven to provide strong academics combined with the highest moral lessons provides a form of education sought out around the world. A high quality Catholic education is the building block for children to become productive contributors to society and to be strong leaders for tomorrow. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo has been providing an outstanding Catholic education through local Catholic schools for decades and children enrolled in local Catholic schools demonstrate top level testing scores, as well as frequent volunteerism and involvement in their local communities.

How You Can Help

There has never been as many options for schooling as exist in today's world, but more and more families are finding the value in a strong Catholic education and by choosing to donate to Catholic education the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo can continue to provide students with the lessons and foundation needed to be ready for their futures. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo offers scholarship programs to familes in need that are entirely supported by local community members that make the choice to donate to Catholic education. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo is thankful for every member of the community that donates to allow us to continue to provide a Catholic education to every interested family, without the generous donations our mission would not be possible.

Donate To Catholic Education Today

An decision to donate to Catholic education is a investment that provides a return much greater than anticipated. Children in our community grow up poised and ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow and are confident in their knowledge and abilities. Catholic education provides discipline and understanding to students necessary for perseverance, donate to Catholic education today online or over the phone to continue this important mission.

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