Give to Catholic Foundation

The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo has a deep rooted foundation in the Catholic faith and dedication to supporting charitable causes that help others. Through the help of a countless number of generous people that have donated to Catholic Foundation, They are able to provide financial assistance to the following charitable causes:

  • Catholic Education
  • Catholic Charities
  • Christ The King Seminary
  • St. Joseph Cathedral
  • Parishes
  • Ministries & Catholic Organizations

Donations provide assistance with everything and anything from education and home heating to supporting causes that promote tolerance and understanding in the community, such as the collaborative efforts behind "The Blue Rose."

Catholic Foundation - Giving to make  a Difference

When you give, you're making a difference in the lives of many. Whether it's ensuring that a family in need has heat during the coldest time periods of the year or promoting an educational cause, you're making a difference.

Knowledge is power and by donating to causes that support knowledge and awareness, you're empowering both the young citizens and older citizens of Buffalo alike. When you give from the heart, you're also supporting your Catholic faith and giving back to God in gratitude.

The Catholic Foundation makes it flexible and easy for you to give. You have several options to choose from when you're ready to give. You can give annually or through "planned gifts." Some of the easy ways that you can give to Catholic Foundation include:

  • Gifts that you can make now such as a tribute gift, endowment, charitable lead trust and other opportunities.
  • Gifts that you can make by beneficiary designations such as from your life insurance policy, retirement accounts, and TOD or POD accounts.
  • Gifts of assets that provide income such as charitable gift annuity, charitable remainder trust, annuity trust and unitrust.

To learn more about how to give to Catholic Foundation, contact us today. Thank you for supporting The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo.