Give to Catholic Foundation in Buffalo

With a deep rooted foundation in the community of Buffalo and in the Catholic Faith, the Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo is dedicated to supporting the community and to providing assistance to residents that are in-need. Thanks to many wonderful donors, the organization has been able to fund several of Buffalo's charitable causes and to help community members in-need and in-crisis when it matters most.

From emergency assistance with home heating during one of Buffalo's brutal winters to assistance with education and supporting efforts to promote tolerance and peace in the community. An example of supporting a cause that promotes such tolerance and peace would be "The Blue Rose."

Charitable causes that the organization supports include the following:

  • Catholic Education
  • Catholic Charities
  • Christ the King Seminary
  • St. Joseph Cathedral
  • Parishes
  • Ministries & Catholic Organizations

Giving is Rewarding and Spiritual

There are many rewards that come with giving to others, but the biggest reward of all is the spiritual reward that you receive. It makes you feel good inside to know that you've helped someone in-need. You've made a difference in the lives of others. What a wonderful legacy to leave; a legacy of giving. When you give, you lead by example.

Others may then follow by example and give because they saw how rewarding it was when you made your generous donation. Whether you're helping a family keep warm on a cold winter night or your helping to fund a young person's education, the rewards are many when you give to Catholic Foundation in Buffalo.

Giving is Flexible and Easy for Our Gracious Donors

When you male the gracious decision to generously give a donation to our organization, you have a few options to choose from when giving. Whether you'd like to give a gift through one of our "planned gifts" or you'd like to give annually, here are a few ways that you can give to the community of Buffalo:

  • Gifts You Can Make Now: Tribute Gifts, Charitable Lead Trust, Endowment, and More.
  • Gifts You Make by Beneficiary Designation: Gifts from your life insurance policy, TOD account, POD account, or your retirement account.
  • Gifts of Assets: Charitable Gift Annuity, Annuity Trust, Charitable Remainder Trust, and Unitrust.

The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo would like to thank you for taking the time to consider making a donation. We would also like to thank our many generous donors who have already contributed to the community and its many residents. To learn more about ways to give, contact us today and God bless you.