Support Catholic Vocations

Support Catholic vocations with your donation to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo. Our commitment to our parishes and community is unwavering, as is our faith in The Word. In order to help us support our vocations, which are vitally important to the strength of our community and to spreading the Word of God, we need donations from people like you.

When you donate and support Catholic vocations, you provide assistance for all of those working within our community to meet your needs. Did you know that we are one of the largest providers of human services in Western New York? With your donations, we can serve those in need throughout the state and assume them that their needs can be met in a faith-based way.

When You Donate and Support Catholic Vocations, You'll Help Many

We serve a large number of organizations and people throughout the Buffalo area. This includes:

  • Catholic education
  • Catholic charities
  • Christ The King Seminary
  • St. Joseph Cathedral
  • Numerous parishes and the local missions, workshops, and programs within them
  • Ministries and Catholic organizations of all types

Your funds can help with specific schools or ministries. You can also donate to the Making a Difference Fund, which works to provide low income students with scholarships for Catholic-based education. You can also establish a scholarship fund on your own or help us to meet the needs of the poor through simple donations.

We Value Your Support

We encourage the community to support Catholic vocations even if they are not Catholic. Because we provide financial support and resources to all people no matter their race, gender, religion, financial status, or disability, we value the support of the entire community.

Please contact the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo to support Catholic vocations throughout the area. With your help, we can provide the help to those in need as our faith instructs us to do.