WNY Catholic Churches

Buffalo's Catholic heritage reaches back over more than a century. As families immigrated to Western New York at the close of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century, they formed a close-knit, caring, Catholic community. Otherwise different people came together around their faith and established Catholic churches in Buffalo and the surrounding towns. Today, many of these WNY Catholic churches are still bustling communities where people come together and contribute to the area.

WNY Catholic Churches in Their Communities

WNY Catholic Churches

Since the turn of the 20th Century, Catholic churches have had a strong presence in Western New York. The churches stand behind some of the area's best medical and educational institutions. Their members play an active role in Buffalo's communities, supporting the arts, sciences and technology.

All of the work done by the Catholic churches in Buffalo is supported by its people, through endowments and the hard work of individuals. No project that the churches undertake is accomplished by any one person. Each individual makes their own unique contribution to the WNY Catholic church.

Working Towards a Beautiful Buffalo

For well over a century, WNY Catholic Churches have been making Buffalo and the surrounding area a wonderful place to live.  The Catholic churches in Buffalo have been creating beautiful parks, funding scholarships and simply finding ways to improve the community. They continue all of this work today, and are looking forward toward another wonderful century in  the beautiful city of Buffalo. Contact us today to learn more about getting involved.