Mission Statement

The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, N.Y. is a non-profit entity that acquires, administers, and distributes funds to benefit the educational, religious, and charitable needs of the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo.

In partnership with the donor, it provides responsible and professional financial management of funds while assisting donors in achieving their charitable and financial goals. The Foundation protects and enhances this financial commitment as it seeks to meet the ongoing and long-term financial needs of the programs and services provided by the Diocese.

The Foundation strives to encourage stewardship and philanthropy by providing a legal entity to accept and invest tax-advantaged gifts to be held forever in trust as a means to build permanent endowments that meet the needs of the Church and communities it serves, now and for all time in accordance with gospel values and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Foundation strives to provide flexible and advantageous ways for donors to support the work of the Church, help parishes, schools, and Catholic organizations understand the importance of providing for their long-term financial needs, provide responsible and cost-effective financial management of funds entrusted to us leading to long-term growth of assets, and annually distribute earnings in accordance with the Church's priorities and the donor's intent.