Next Generation Science Learning

Science - the "S" in STREAM - has come alive at St. Joseph Regional School in Batavia with science lab upgrades to support Next Generation Science Learning.

Funds from Upon this Rock were used to lease science kits for hands-on, experiential, 3-D learning. The school has been using kits in grades K-5, and now kits will be available for middle school grades.  With access to 1-to-1 devices, students can watch videos, access research material and complete other lesson activities.

 "One of the benefits of this grant is the professional development that will enable us to implement the kits for all grade levels in the 2020-2021 school year,"  Karen Green, principal, said. "The kids and faculty have embraced this new hands-on method of instruction and get excited about learning. " 

 Since 2017, St. Joseph's has used Upon This Rock grants to purchase chrome books and a 3D printer. This latest grant further enhances the school's STREAM program and creating a dynamic classroom experience.

 According to Green, St. Joseph's science program is already 75 percent hands-on learning. Students are discovering what it is like to be a scientist, sparking interest in careers in math and technology.

 "This type of learning really engages our students," Green said.  "They are constantly moving, working in groups and classroom centers."